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Vincent Fort

For Congress, Georgia District 13

Vincent Fort is running for Congress to fight for progressive reform for Georgians. His priorities include universal healthcare, protecting voting rights, and investing in renewable energy & green jobs.

In Congress, Vincent Fort will fight for:

1. $15 Dollar Minimum Wage

2. Universal Medicare For All

3. Green New Deal

4. Ending the Filibuster To Protect Voting Rights

5. Pass Build Back Better

6. Free 2 Year College & Apprenticeship Program

7. Cancel Student Debt

8. Decriminalize Marijuana

Blue America Endorses Vincent Fort:

Progressive Champion for Georgia’s 13th District

About Vincent Fort

Vincent Fort has spent his career protecting Georgians. As a Georgia State Senator, he authored legislation to rein in predatory lending in the state and has sponsored or co-sponsored bills regarding hate crimes, discrimination against disabled individuals, racial profiling, housing discrimination, and more.

In Congress, he intends to serve as Georgia’s foremost champion of progressive policy — his priorities include a fifteen dollar minimum wage, Medicare for All, a Green New Deal and voting rights protections.

Ready to get involved?

We need your help getting Vincent to Congress to turn Georgia not just blue, but progressive. Submit your info below and we’ll be in touch with ways to contribute.